n. & v.
1 a armed hostilities between esp. nations; conflict (war broke out; war zone). b a specific conflict or the period of time during which such conflict exists (was before the war). c the suspension of international law etc. during such a conflict.
2 (as the War) a war in progress or recently ended; the most recent major war.
3 a hostility or contention between people, groups, etc. (war of words). b (often foll. by on) a sustained campaign against crime, disease, poverty, etc.
—v.intr. (warred, warring)
1 (as warring adj.) a rival; fighting (warring factions). b conflicting (warring principles).
2 make war.
Phrases and idioms:
art of war strategy and tactics. at war (often foll. by with) engaged in a war. go to war declare or begin a war. go to the wars archaic serve as a soldier. have been in the wars colloq. appear injured, bruised, unkempt, etc. war baby a child, esp. illegitimate, born in wartime. war bride a woman who marries a serviceman met during a war. war chest funds for a war or any other campaign. war-cloud a threatening international situation. war correspondent a correspondent reporting from a scene of war. war crime a crime violating the international laws of war. war criminal a person committing or sentenced for such crimes. war cry
1 a phrase or name shouted to rally one's troops.
2 a party slogan etc. war damage damage to property etc. caused by bombing, shelling, etc. war dance a dance performed by primitive peoples etc. before a battle or to celebrate victory. war department the State office in charge of the army etc.
1 a military exercise testing or improving tactical knowledge etc.
2 a battle etc. conducted with toy soldiers. war-gaming the playing of war-games. war grave the grave of a serviceman who died on active service, esp. one in a special cemetery etc. war loan stock issued by the British Government to raise funds in wartime. war memorial a monument etc. commemorating those killed in a war. war of attrition a war in which each side seeks to wear out the other over a long period. war of the elements poet. storms or natural catastrophes. War Office hist. the British State department in charge of the army. war of nerves an attempt to wear down an opponent by psychological means. war-plane a military aircraft. war poet a poet writing on war themes, esp. of the two world wars. Wars of the Roses hist. the 15th-c. civil wars between the houses of York and Lancaster, represented by white and red roses. war-weary (esp. of a population) exhausted and dispirited by war. war widow a woman whose husband has been killed in war. war-worn = war-weary. war zone an area in which a war takes place.
Etymology: ME werre f. AF, ONF var. of OF guerre: cf. WORSE

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